Hi there, I'm Misty!

Being able to join you on your journey through life is such an amazing opportunity. Every family, every couple, every person has a different dynamic and I love seeing you unfold into who you are with the people you love. Truly. I reach for capturing raw emotion in that hug, that smile, that touch of a hand. Who you are isn't shown in a fake, posed image so I tend to avoid any awkward posing that entails you looking and smiling at my camera. Instead, I encourage you to interact with those you love by having you do fun activities with each other. I ask you questions that bring out emotional answers and often, laughter.  I find movement during the session to be natural and relaxing so we explore a bit. 

Speaking of exploring...





I grew up in a small town in Nebraska up by the Niobrara River.  I spent my childhood exploring and adventuring outdoors in the country. My childhood truly formed me into the creative adventurer I am today.  My soul is replenished by adventuring outside in every way. 
I earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Industrial Distribution and soon after, changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my life and started my self-taught photography journey. My greatest journey of all, however, is raising my four amazing kiddos with my husband.

Truth? I can never stay upset if someone offers me yummy food. I live for the moments where I'm caught off guard by belly laughs and continuing to laugh so hard, I cry. Oh, and snow. I LOVE snow. There's just something about cuddling up by a warm fire while beautiful flakes fall outside.


I'm never one to turn down an adventure.




The Lord has given me the incredible opportunity and the means to be able to capture love, laughter and genuine emotional connections. My business was started to honor God by capturing beautiful images of His creations and the miracle of life. On this journey, making friends out of strangers I meet along the way creates such a deep impact in my life. Meeting every unique person I photograph has been such a blessing and has helped me grow.









Capturing each person's beautiful personality sparks a light within my heart that brings me so much joy. Having my photography be a platform to help others is extremely important to me and I implement a tithe from my packages towards families in need and local charity. 








So let's adventure together. Let's hike that hill, follow that winding creek, stroll through the field and explore the heart and smile of the one you love while I capture those beautiful moments.  


Blessings & Laughter,