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The ceremony was flawless and truly special seeing everyone come together for them both. Off we jammed in the party limo to family formals in the park where there were hills of blooming trees. What a beautiful symbol of their marriage and new life together. Party time at the reception next! I love being able to sneak the couple away. A super unique building next to ours was calling me so we walked over for a few quiet moments. A piggy back ride was in order for Ashley as Nick hoisted her up and away. Side note, I LOVE CAKE. Not sure I know many who don't but I digress. The cupcakes were the best I've ever had. Period. The perfect end to such a beautiful day. 

IMG_2574-weddingIMG_2574-wedding IMG_5496-weddingIMG_5496-wedding IMG_5528-weddingIMG_5528-wedding IMG_2703-weddingIMG_2703-wedding

IMG_2753-weddingIMG_2753-wedding IMG_2768-weddingIMG_2768-wedding IMG_2774-weddingIMG_2774-wedding IMG_3024-weddingIMG_3024-wedding

IMG_2907-weddingIMG_2907-wedding IMG_2961-weddingIMG_2961-wedding


IMG_3051-weddingIMG_3051-wedding IMG_3224-weddingIMG_3224-wedding




IMG_3487-weddingIMG_3487-wedding IMG_3507-weddingIMG_3507-wedding


IMG_3522-weddingIMG_3522-wedding IMG_3524-weddingIMG_3524-wedding IMG_3533-weddingIMG_3533-wedding

IMG_3547-weddingIMG_3547-wedding IMG_3589-weddingIMG_3589-wedding

IMG_5568-weddingIMG_5568-wedding IMG_3682-weddingIMG_3682-wedding IMG_5639-weddingIMG_5639-wedding IMG_5655-weddingIMG_5655-wedding


IMG_3895-weddingIMG_3895-wedding IMG_3903-weddingIMG_3903-wedding


IMG_3937-weddingIMG_3937-wedding IMG_3965-weddingIMG_3965-wedding IMG_4021-weddingIMG_4021-wedding IMG_4079-weddingIMG_4079-wedding IMG_4085-weddingIMG_4085-wedding

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Luke + Allie | Foothills Winter Engagement Session | Boise Idaho Photographer https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2022/4/luke-allie-foothills-winter-engagement-session-boise-idaho-photographer For a January, the weather was super mellow. The snow covered mountains in the background were such a gorgeous touch to the already gorgeous landscape. See, I love browns in nature and the warmth that it adds to my images. It brings you in. It draws out the warm emotion of those moments. It wraps you in a warm blanket and brings a grin to your face. All the warm, moody vibes. So when I'm scouting, that's what my eye is drawn to. I do love the dramatic and unique backgrounds too, don't get me wrong...but the first thing I see is warmth in the brown. 

I love getting the space to create fun moments between two people who love each other unconditionally in that moment. Luke was beaming looking into Allie's eyes and it would instantly make her smile. His pride for her was so obviously beautiful. She seemed to melt in his arms with safety. Joining them in their journey isn't something I take lightly. I'm spending intimate moments with them, able to witness the trueness of who they are as one. Being able to see love in it's purest moments could never be topped. Two miracle humans who've found each other on this speck of billions of people and formed a bond of love leaves me speechless but I'm still able to press that button and save those moments forever. Such an incredibly cool thought. 

IMG_0130-engagementIMG_0130-engagement - misty rae photography IMG_0172-engagementIMG_0172-engagement



IMG_0210-engagementIMG_0210-engagement IMG_0225-engagementIMG_0225-engagement IMG_0261-engagementIMG_0261-engagement IMG_0291-engagementIMG_0291-engagement

IMG_0328-engagementIMG_0328-engagement IMG_0347-engagementIMG_0347-engagement



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Meade + Alexa | Boho Outdoor Summer Wedding | Boise Idaho Photographer https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2020/1/meade-alexa-boho-summer-wedding-boise-idaho-photographer This wedding was a DREAM. Dreamy, creamy tones and boho vibes with laughs and beer. Need I say more? I was loving every minute.

I flew into Omaha, Nebraska, from Boise and the humidity was a wall that met me coming out the terminal doors. On to Blair, to capture these two cuties. 


Speaking of details...LOOK. And yes, there were dinosaurs on his wedding ring. 


Alexa chose their first look location to be one that was special to them. You see, she shared with me that they had many happy and not so happy memories there. Either way, she knew that it was going to be the spot they first saw each other before sharing their vows. The frogs croaked in the background and I thanked The good Lord for an overcast sky that kept away the summer heat and added to the amazing lighting for this spot. Yes, it was a day before Fall officially began, but C'mon. Nebraska. Am I right?


blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography
blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography

Did I mention there was a boat? Yeah, there was. Alexa and I both knew what we should do with it. EVERYONE was telling us no. There could be holes. What if they tipped over? There weren't any oars. I checked with her again to confirm and she was ALL about it. I was so proud and pumped that she trusted me with this moment of them reading their vows. 



The ceremony venue was decorated with boho rugs and tree stumps with baby's breath in tin holders to line the aisles. A watered tree to celebrate their coming together as one. Just perfect.



Inside was dinner and dance. Tables were adorned with wood pieces, candles and greenery. Dinosaurs and travel, Meade and Alexa's favorite things, were incorporated into their cake, ring and entryway table.

blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photography


Getting into the dancing was a sight to behold. Complete with air guitar. 

blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-mistyraephotography blair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photographyblair-nebraska-boho-wedding-misty-rae-photography

So happy these two joined the same path of life together. 

- Misty

(Misty Rae Photography) boat boho Boise bride field fun groom Idaho lake Misty Rae Photography Nebraska photographer summer sunset wedding https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2020/1/meade-alexa-boho-summer-wedding-boise-idaho-photographer Sat, 01 Feb 2020 05:52:12 GMT
Styled Bridal Shoot | Roca Berry Farm Summer Bridal Session | Omaha Nebraska Photographer https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2018/6/styled-bridal-shoot-roca-berry-farm-summer-bridal-session-omaha-nebraska-photographer The morning this styled shoot was going down, it was dreary and dark and rainy. Bleh. I was super thankful for the cool temps and decided to go for it anyway. I am so glad I did. The dresses from Adorned Bridal made me want to get married again. The super fun-loving models were thankfully all-in and up for a little bossing around. Oh, the venue? Roca Berry Farm south of Lincoln. INSANE gorgeous. Plus, there was champagne, yummy cake from Goldenrod Pastries, perfect flowers from Abloom and glitter. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who didn't like at least one of those things.

Event planner, Cassandra Mae, was pretty meticulous to the details that truly made the decor and the moments.  The execution was amazing.

So, basically, it was an incredible day.

IMG_3522Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3522Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3564Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3564Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3575Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3575Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3596Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3596Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3629Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3629Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3653Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3653Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3676Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3676Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3679Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3679Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3686Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3686Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3709Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3709Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3714Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3714Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3722Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3722Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3726Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3726Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3727Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3727Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3740Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3740Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3771Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3771Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3800Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3800Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3824Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3824Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3843Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_3843Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_3864Misty-Rae-Photography-Field-Family-SessionIMG_3864Misty-Rae-Photography-Field-Family-Session IMG_3868Misty-Rae-Photography-Field-Family-SessionIMG_3868Misty-Rae-Photography-Field-Family-Session IMG_9490Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_9490Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session IMG_9480Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-SessionIMG_9480Misty-Rae-Photography-Styled-Bridal-Session

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Quintin & Kayleen | Muddy Lumberyard Spring Engagement Session | Omaha Nebraska Photographer https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2018/4/quintin-kayleen-muddy-lumberyard-rustic-engagement-session-omaha-nebraska-photographer This session was so unique and spoke to me on so many levels. It was pretty cold for a spring evening but Quintin and Kayleen were troopers. 

Recent rains made a lot of gorgeous mud puddles and you better believe I took full advantage. Kayleen asked if she could be barefoot and I was brimming with joy. See, I love to be barefoot. I know a lot of clients don't feel fully comfortable going barefoot in front of the camera so I was happy to know she felt relaxed with me enough to be herself. That made for some truly moving images. I felt as though her bare feet added to the mood and rawness of the images and I loved  it.

I was really grateful that I brought along my rain boots because by the time we were done, I had muck up past my ankles. We had to carefully maneuver through the location so we weren't covered in mud by the next spot. This meant piggy-backing at times. Speaking of piggies, there was a field full of cows that decided to be our audience with incessant mooing. Those noises took me back to my days growing up and made me smile. 

The tones of this session grabbed me so much and I just can't wait until the wedding.




(Misty Rae Photography) ashland engagement lumberyard misty rae photography mud nebraska omaha photographer puddles spring sunset wood https://www.mistyraephotography.com/blog/2018/4/quintin-kayleen-muddy-lumberyard-rustic-engagement-session-omaha-nebraska-photographer Sat, 07 Apr 2018 19:13:29 GMT