Misty Rae Photography | About


Hi, I'm Misty!

I grew up in a small town in Nebraska by the Niobrara River.  I spent my childhood exploring and adventuring outdoors in the country. My childhood truly formed me into the creative adventurer I am today.  When the time came, I decided to attend University of Nebraska Kearney.  It was then that I met my military husband, Ryan, who is now a Nursing Informaticist.  I earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Industrial Distribution and soon after, started my self-taught photography journey. My greatest journey of all, however,  is becoming a mother to our four amazing children.


Aside from being a Mama and wife, my soul is replenished by adventuring outside in every way. Hiking, camping, skiing and bow hunting are just a few things I love to do. I can never stay upset if someone offers me food. Reading the Lord's word brings me the most peace and is how I find my steadiness in my day. Belly laughs are my favorite. Making friends out of strangers is also something I love. Everyone has a story. Everyone has joy. Everyone has pain. Being able to reach and capture that is what I strive for every time I press the shutter on my camera. 


The Lord has given me the incredible opportunity and the means to be able to capture love, laughter and genuine connections. My business was started to honor God by capturing beautiful images of His creations and the miracle of life. Meeting every unique person I photograph has been such a blessing and has helped me grow. Capturing each person's beautiful personality sparks a light within my heart that brings me so much joy. Having my photography be a platform to help others is extremely important to me and I implement a tithe from my packages towards families in need and local charity. 


I will not take credit for the images that I've taken. The Lord has created all of these opportunities and has steadied my hands, my eyes and my mind to create. I am so blessed to have the ability to take photos of His beautiful creation and share them with the world. In sharing with the world, I hope that it can be a way to spread the infinite capabilities of The Lord, His Word and soon return.


Blessings & Laughter